Planet DAN-X34

When Richard Daniels, CEO of Galaxy Exploration Initiatives, receives a visit from three intergalactic businessmen offering to make a deal with him for a planet similar to Earth, yet is still pristine and lush with vegetation and wildlife, it seems too good to be true. 
In fact, once their exploratory team does some research, they find a group of pyramids that are filled with gold statues; thousands of them! It seems that every natural mountain on the planet is filled with gold; however, to extract it would mean devastating the landscape, and Richard Daniels refuses to do that. He must find another way.
As his team are trying to solve this dilemma, invading giants suddenly appear and destroy all that GEI has built on the planet to date. Where did they come from? They seem to have emerged from within the pyramids . . . through a gate to other dimensions.
This leads Richard and his team on a quest throughout the universe and other dimensions to find a way to save his new planet.

“So you are saying that I will need intergalactic mercenaries? Where am I going to get those from?” Richard asked.
“We will guide you on how to gain access to the best mercenaries in the universe. You, on the other hand, will have to choose the most appropriate set of mercenaries for your problem.” 
“We will give you a shortlist of just four planets where you can find what you are looking for.”

Johnny Dipp The Depressed Writer

Johnny Dipp is a depressed and lonely young man. He seems to fall into one calamity after another; missed appointments, a broken laptop, traffic tickets, dashed expectations in his romantic life. His only goal in life is to be a great writer. When Johnny’s neighborhood is flooded by torrential rains, a box is washed up in his driveway. Once he pries it open, he discovers an ancient book, along with a quill pen and bottle of ink. The book is made up of mostly blank pages, but there is a beginning of a story; a story about a planet called the Middle Nebula, where everything is perfect and everyone gets along. In his sadness, he picks up the quill and dips it in the ink. He starts writing, continuing the story of the Middle Nebula. But instead of the blissful existence of the previous writing, Johnny creates chaos and natural disasters; earthquakes, floods, wildfires. Even an alien invasion! Meanwhile, in the center of the universe, the actual planet, the Middle Nebula, undergoes all the tragedies Johnny is writing about. He must be stopped! the elders agree. But how? Help him overcome his depression so he writes delightful stories? Or invade Earth?

Planet Robani 1

Planet Robani 1, a mind blowing space adventure. The adventure takes place in the future, when space travel is commonplace, explorers are on the hunt for a new planet for mankind to inhabit. Marcus Robani’s company is one of those involved in space exploration. For profit. They find a new planet and name it Robani 1. It seems empty, save for billions of dollars’ worth of pure ore. Excavation begins. A crooked US Senator wants some of those billions, and blocks Marcus’ company from operations unless he gets a share. However, it comes to light that the planet is not uninhabited after all. The Beings who own it are not pleased with humans moving from their own decimated planet Earth and now abusing their planet. They think it’s time to end the problem of mankind and its greedy ways once and for all: with the complete obliteration of planet Earth. Only Marcus Robani himself can save Earth now . . . perhaps.

The End Of The World

Earth has been plundered by its inhabitants for far too long. It is now a whirling mass of destruction, being pulled into its own Sun. Captain Kristen and the crew of the Atlantis have been tasked with finding a suitable replacement world before it is too late. In their travels they come across many strange beings, and are captured by some to be used as pawns in a game for their own race’s salvation. The leader of one planet reluctantly agrees to help them, merely with guidance to find the makers of Planet Earth. He suggests that when a machine breaks down, one goes to the maker of the machine. Since humans have “broken” Earth, why not find the makers of the planet? Will the crew of the Atlantis find the makers? And even if they do, will it be in time, and will the makers agree to help? “Good morning. This is Captain Kristen, Commander of Atlantis Mission Explorer,” she stated. “Today is day 1,472 since we departed Earth. “I hope today will be a good day for us, a day when we will have some good news to relay back to you at home. News that will bring us all hope and salvation.” She shut down the laptop and sighed. “Hope and salvation,” she repeated to herself.

Lamees Alhassar