Science Fiction Book

Planet Robani 1, a mind blowing space adventure. The adventure takes place in the future, when space travel is commonplace, explorers are on the hunt for a new planet for mankind to inhabit. Marcus Robani’s company is one of those involved in space exploration. For profit. They find a new planet and name it Robani 1. It seems empty, save for billions of dollars’ worth of pure ore. Excavation begins. A crooked US Senator wants some of those billions, and blocks Marcus’ company from operations unless he gets a share. However, it comes to light that the planet is not uninhabited after all. The Beings who own it are not pleased with humans moving from their own decimated planet Earth and now abusing their planet. They think it’s time to end the problem of mankind and its greedy ways once and for all: with the complete obliteration of planet Earth. Only Marcus Robani himself can save Earth now . . . perhaps.

Lamees Alhassar