The Paradox

All the good men and women, past and present, who shone a light for others to follow, had their own share of demons to conquer, and they emerged victorious. Malcolm is a young Harvard graduate visiting Italy. He befriends an enigmatic priest who offers to give him a tour of the Duomo Cathedral. The truth unfolds; this so-called priest is actually the devil, and he is after Malcolm's soul! In their travels to get to the cathedral, Malcolm and the devil encounter people with various sins. Their names are written in the devil's book; he will claim their souls. Malcolm argues with the devil over the alleged sins of these people while at the same time a little fearful; will the devil take his soul, too? "You may as well call me the devil, for I might as well tell you, I am indeed the devil." "That's impossible; the devil would not dress like a priest, carry the holy book, wear a cross, and work in a church." The devil smiled and said, "Why not?" 

10 Paranormal Stories

Fortune telling Capturing of souls in portraits Curse of a woman scorned Traveling through dimensions Mechanical and electrical disruptions Unexplained disappearances Spontaneous combustion Speaking with spirits Demon possession Evil leading to murder These are just some of the things that this world considers PARANORMAL
This book has 10 short paranormal stories:
1. Grant Me This Wish
2. The Old Woman’s Paintings
3. Carol’s Wish
4. The Lonely Children
5. The Gift Of A Broken Mirror
6. The Candy Store
7. The Circle Of Friends
8. The Messenger
9. Anna’s Deliverance
10. The Assignment
Each story have been published individually and available on amazon. 

Lamees Alhassar