Science Fiction Book

Johnny Dipp is a depressed and lonely young man. He seems to fall into one calamity after another; missed appointments, a broken laptop, traffic tickets, dashed expectations in his romantic life. His only goal in life is to be a great writer. When Johnny’s neighborhood is flooded by torrential rains, a box is washed up in his driveway. Once he pries it open, he discovers an ancient book, along with a quill pen and bottle of ink. The book is made up of mostly blank pages, but there is a beginning of a story; a story about a planet called the Middle Nebula, where everything is perfect and everyone gets along. In his sadness, he picks up the quill and dips it in the ink. He starts writing, continuing the story of the Middle Nebula. But instead of the blissful existence of the previous writing, Johnny creates chaos and natural disasters; earthquakes, floods, wildfires. Even an alien invasion! Meanwhile, in the center of the universe, the actual planet, the Middle Nebula, undergoes all the tragedies Johnny is writing about. He must be stopped! the elders agree. But how? Help him overcome his depression so he writes delightful stories? Or invade Earth?

Lamees Alhassar