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It was lunch time. Mia, and her friends were talking about how they thought their office building was haunted. She, and her brother Andrew, were working at the same company ‘The Morning News’.

Mia, Andrew, and their two friends Kevin, and Ben were seated in the Café near their office.

“I definitely think there is something wrong with our building” Kevin said, eating his muffin.

“Yeah actually, I often hear screams, and laughter, it really creeps me out,” Ben said, sipping his coffee.

“Have you heard anything yet?” Andrew asked Mia who was sitting beside him, lost in her thoughts.

“Mia?” He called her again.

“What?” She looked at them confused as she snapped out of her thoughts.

“Have you heard any noises, or screams in our office building?” Andrew asked.

“No, not yet” she said, looking at them, and shrugging her shoulders. “I don’t think there is anything wrong with that building to be honest.”

“How come you didn’t hear, or notice anything yet when everyone else did?” Andrew asked with a suspicious tone.

“Wait…What do you mean by that?” Kevin asked Andrew.

“Mia can see spirits, and can also communicate with them,” Andrew said casually.

“WHAT?!?!” Kevin said loudly, catching everyone’s attention.

“Shh…,” Mia said while her eyes widened.

“Sorry,” Kevin replied, still in shock over what he just heard.

“Wow Mia! That is so cool!” Ben said, looking at her astonished.

“Believe me, it’s not” she muttered, shaking her head.

“When was your first time experiencing this?” Ben asked.

“When she was five, it literally scared the shit out of us all,” Andrew said, shaking his head trying to get rid of the creepy feeling, when he remembered that day. Mia actually remembered everything, everything that had happened to her since the age of five.

Rebecca, their mom, told them how it all happened, and how everyone was so scared. Mia was shocked to remember everything so vividly.




Mia was five years old when she started experiencing paranormal activities in her house, which was built in 1890 by her great-great-grandparents. Her memory was so strong that she could remember everything that had happened to her during her entire childhood.

She remembered the first time she encountered the weird activity.

The house Mia and Andrew grew up in was a really big one. It was old fashioned yet so beautiful. It had a huge entrance door with a fairly detailed design that opened into a big living room. There was a gigantic sooty gothic window viewing the playground that could also be seen from the kitchen on the other side of the salon.

Walking across the hallway, one could notice on both sides the laundry room, and the bathroom, and end up in front of a wide grandiose staircase that leads to the first floor, hideously covering a small spiral frigid staircase leading to the basement. It had no door, it was dark, and spooky.

The first floor had five rooms, a main king size bedroom, three collateral bedrooms, and a pretty large guest room, all side to side with a fancy wooden staircase connecting them to the attic.

From the main bedroom window, there was a clear view of a long path with trees on both sides like a forest, leading to the cemetery that was at least 10 minutes away. A big white cross in the middle of it was clearly visible from there.

Mia was five, and her brother Andrew was 8. They were both playing in the living room while their mom was preparing dinner in the kitchen. A voice of splashing water was coming from somewhere that caught Mia’s attention. She stood up slowly, and started walking up the stairs with heavy steps. There, she saw a little boy playing in a puddle of water in the hallway of the first floor, she had never seen this boy before, but still, she walked up to him.

“Who are you?” She asked, looking at him. He had pale skin, his eyes were green with dark circles, and he was wet.

He looked up at Mia, and tilted his head to the side, then, he extended his hand to her.

“I’m Jake,” the boy said standing up from the puddle of water, all soaked.

“I’m Mia,” she replied staring at him. “What are you doing here?”

“Playing” Jake said, looking around.

“Mom will not be happy if she finds out you were playing with water in here,” Mia warned, putting her hands on her hips.

“Can we play together?” Jake asked.

“Ok, I guess that makes us friends now,” Mia said with a bright smile on her face. She took his hand, and started running towards her bedroom. She pulled out some toys, and gave Jake some. Then, they started playing together, and laughing.

When Andrew came up to call Mia for dinner, he found her playing in their bedroom alone, and talking to herself, he frowned, “Mia! Mom’s calling you down” he said, and walked towards her, “Why are you playing alone?”

“I’m not playing alone, I’m playing with Jake,” she said, pointing at a spot near her.

“But… there is no one there,” Andrew replied, looking at where she was pointing.

“What are you saying? He is sitting right here,” she said with an angry tone.

“You are crazy! Anyway, come down because dad will be home soon,” Andrew said while walking out of the room, shaking his head, and laughing at her.

“Don’t mind him, he is just rude,” Andrew heard Mia’s words as he got out, and walked down.

“I should go now, my mom’s calling me. Bye,” Mia said as she ran out of the room. When she glanced back to check on Jake before leaving, he was gone.

She ran downstairs straight to the kitchen, and hugged her mom happily.

“Mom, I made a new friend today,” she said, bouncing.

“Oh really? What’s your friend’s name?” Her mom asked.

“His name is Jake, I saw him upstairs, playing with water in our hallway.”

The mother froze for a second. She has been hearing a boy crying at night in the past few days, she told her husband, and turned out he heard him too. She turned around, and bowed a bit so she could come face to face with Mia. “Where is he now?” She asked Mia with a shaking voice.

“I took him to my room, and we played a bit. Then he left.”

“Okay Mia… I need you to stay away from Jake. Okay?”

“But mom… he is my friend.” Mia said with teary eyes.

“No baby, you have to tell me whenever you see him, okay?” As soon as she finished her words, the lights in the house flickered few times, and the plates on the dining table fell to the ground.

Andrew freaked out. He went running to the kitchen to be closer to his mom. However, before he could reach her, a piece of shattered plate slid right under his foot, and he stepped on it. Looking at his bleeding injured foot, he screamed of pain, and shock.

Mia, and her mom rushed to Andrew as they saw him on the floor in a pool of blood, it was flowing abnormally that they couldn’t even stop it.

Mia saw Jake standing few feet away from them, with his head tilted to the side. He smiled at her, and looked at Andrew, then started walking towards her.

“No, don’t come here. There’s blood on the floor,” Mia screamed while looking at Jake.

“Sweetie? Who is there?” Her mom asked.

“Jake,” she said with her innocent smile. Andrew was crying loudly in pain, so their mom went to pick him up from the bloodbath he was in. But suddenly, the blood on the ground started shaking, and flew right to her, as if someone was splashing it.

“Mom… it hurts so much,” Andrew cried with fear all over his face.

“It is ok honey, I am here with you,” she said before turning to Mia.

“Mia, please ask Jake to stop doing this,” her mom said with tears in her eyes. Andrew was still crying, and blood was still flowing, but a bit slower somehow.

She nodded before turning towards the kitchen door, where she could see Jake standing.

“Jake, stop it! Don’t do this please. You’re hurting my brother. I won’t play with you if you don’t stop” Mia said, crying.

As the light flickering stopped, Mia ran to her brother. Their mom took a clean towel, and wrapped it carefully around his foot to avoid touching the piece of glass in it. Andrew was falling unconscious, so she picked him up in her arms, snatched her car keys, and her phone, then ran to her car while ordering Mia to follow her. She placed Andrew next to her on the passenger seat, while Mia got in the back, and she drove to the hospital as fast as she could.

As she drove through the trees path leading to the cemetery, the mother called her husband Dennis.

“Hello, Rebecca.”

“Dennis, something bad happened. I’m taking Andrew to the hospital. He is bleeding so much. Please, come to the hospital,” Rebecca said, crying on the phone.

“What happened? What are you talking about?” Dennis’ voice trembling in panic.

“I’ll tell you once you get there, I’m driving to the hospital, get there fast please,” Rebecca said without taking her eyes off the road, she was getting closer to the cemetery, and she was scared.

Mia was looking out the window. Her tears dried on her reddened face, and her eyes were swollen.

“But, can you tell me what happened to Andrew? Why is he bleeding?” Dennis asked. She could tell from his tone that his questions would not have an end.

“I can’t do that right now, I’m driving,” after saying that, she hanged up the phone, and glanced at the headboard mirror. She saw Mia staring out the window.

As she got closer to the cemetery, Rebecca felt a cold chill running down her spine.

“Look mommy! That lady is crying there,” Mia said, pointing at the cemetery, she was feeling so sad looking at her.

Rebecca tried to avoid looking. It was 8:00 pm, and the wild wind was blowing. It was dark, and the street lights were flickering. Rebecca was afraid, but forced herself to look at where Mia was gazing. She saw nothing there, and she felt relieved.

“Is she still there?” Rebecca asked Mia, who was still looking out the window.

“Yeah. Look! She is walking towards us,” Mia said, pointing at a spot, which Rebecca found empty.

Hearing what her daughter said, Rebecca got even more scared. She drove at full speed.

“Mia, can you tell me if she is still coming after us?” Rebecca said, her heart was pounding, sweat was dripping down her forehead.

“No, she is not, she is gone. Mom, will Andrew be okay?”

“Yes baby, he will be okay. We are taking him to the hospital right now, and the doctors will help him, he will be ok, don’t worry honey.”

Several minutes later, Rebecca was pulling up in the Parking lot of the hospital. As soon as she got out of the car, she picked up Andrew in her arms, and rushed inside, followed by Mia.

The doctors took the injured kid from his mom, and laid him down on a stretcher. As they started moving him towards a room, they asked about what happened. She told them he accidentally stepped on a shattered glass.

“It’s good that you didn’t touch the piece of glass.” the doctor said, and went inside the room to check on Andrew.

Dennis came running, “Andrew Jensen, please?” Dennis asked the reception lady.

She showed him the way, without wasting any time, he ran to where his son was. He saw Rebecca, and Mia seated on the bench in front of the room.

Mia was playing with her dress, and Rebecca was looking so stressed, and exhausted. She laid her head on the wall behind her, and her eyes were closed with tears running down her face.

“Daddy!” Mia said when she saw him running towards them. Rebecca’s ran into his arms, crying on his shoulder. Mia remained seated; she was staring at a specific empty spot.

“Sh… Baby what happened?” Dennis asked calmly, rubbing his wife’s back while walking together to the bench. After they sat down, Dennis placed Mia on his lap, and she hugged him.

“Andrew stepped on a piece of glass, and it went through his foot,” Rebecca said as tears continued streaming down her face.

“How did that happen?” Dennis asked with a concerned look on his face.

She looked at him first, then at the half asleep Mia on his lap. She looked around, and took a deep breath before telling him what happened in the house.

“I think she can see spirits, and can communicate with them too. While driving here, she saw a lady in the cemetery that I couldn’t see,” Rebecca said, shiver running down her spine as a gust of wind came from nowhere.

Dennis was really disturbed by the news he just received. He felt guilty for not doing anything when his wife told him she could hear a little boy crying. He heard it too, but he chose to ignore it.

Mia was asleep, and Andrew was still in the hospital room. The doctor didn’t let anyone in because he was still unconscious. They were only allowed to see him from the window beside the door.

“I think we should cleanse our house,” Rebecca said, looking at her boy from the window.

“Yeah I guess so, I’ll see if I can find someone,” Dennis replied, taking his phone out of his pocket.

“Wait, I know someone, a medium,” Rebecca said, looking at her husband.

“A medium?” Dennis asked confused.

“Yeah, she is basically a witch. She can see spirits, and I am certain that she can help us,” Rebecca said, looking at her phone.

“Oh, I see,” Dennis muttered.

“Found it,” she said, smiling.

“Hello!” a female voice said from the other line.

“Hello, am I speaking to Cortney?”

“Yes, that is me, who is this?”

“My name is Rebecca; I need your help to cleanse my house. I believe it is haunted by the ghost of a little boy,” Rebecca said, before explaining everything to her.

“Okay, I will come to your house tomorrow. For now, I don’t want you, or anyone else to get inside the house,” Cortney warned Rebecca.

“Thank you so much. Is there anything we should get you?” Rebecca asked.

“Oh no, don’t worry about that. I have everything I need,” Cortney said. She was actually a witch, but she never used her spells, or powers for evil.

“Thank you, I really appreciate it. I’ll send you the address,” Rebecca said, before they both hung up.

She quickly sent her the address before walking back to her husband.

“What did she say?” Dennis asked when he saw Rebecca coming towards him.

“She said she will do it tomorrow, but until then, we shouldn’t go inside the house,” Rebecca said, sitting next to him, and placing her head on his shoulder.

“Oh! That’s really great,” Dennis said, a little relieved.

That night, they stayed on the bench. In the morning, the doctor told them that they will keep Andrew in the hospital for few more days.

Mia was playing with a nurse in the corridor, Dennis was restlessly sitting in the same spot since last night, while Rebecca went to get them some coffee.

She came back with two hot steaming black coffees, and an orange juice for Mia. Rebecca handed him the hot coffee, and started drinking hers.

Her phone rang in her pocket. Taking it out, she held it, and saw Cortney’s name flashing on the screen, so she answered the call.


“Hi, I will be there in an hour,” Cortney said.

“Okay, great. Thank you so much for helping us,” Rebecca said, before hanging up.

“What’d she say?” Dennis asked impatiently, as he was finishing his coffee.

Rebecca told him about the phone conversation, and they left the hospital, and started driving home as fast as possible.

As they pull up in their driveway, they saw another car there, already parked in front of the house, with a woman standing beside it. It was Cortney, so they got out fast, and rushed towards her.

“Good morning,” Rebecca, and Dennis said at the same time. Cortney turned around, and saw both of them.

“Good morning,” Cortney replied.

“Shall we go inside?” Dennis said, he was looking a little bit terrified.

“Yes, sure,” Cortney said, as they all started to walk inside the house.

Somehow, the door was already open. That wasn’t the big deal though because the moment they stepped inside, they saw the disaster.

The furniture were thrown everywhere on the ground, and some large scratches were imprinted on the floor, and on the walls. They were thankful for leaving Mia with Andrew at the hospital. As they walked further inside, they saw a cat hanging from the ceiling, right on top of the blood pool where Andrew was injured.

Dennis, and Rebecca were so scared, unlike Cortney. She took out a white cloth from her bag, and threw it in the blood. Then, she picked it up, all red, pulled out a jar from her bag, and stuffed the cloth inside.

Dennis, and Rebecca were standing in one corner, as they had been told, Cortney started to cleanse the house. Horrible screams, crying, and scratching noises were heard by all of them as she continued cleansing the house.

Minutes later, the task was done, and all the weird noises suddenly stopped. Cortney told them that the boy was killed by his mother, she drowned him in the lake.

“It’s okay now, he won’t come here again,” Cortney said, smiling at them.

“Oh thank God,” Rebecca said, hugging Cortney.

“Thank you so much,” Dennis said, shaking her hand hysterically.

After that day, no one heard anything related to that little boy, and Mia didn’t see him anymore, but sometimes, she could see a man’s shadow in her room. She actually never stopped seeing that ghost in that house, but it never hurt her.




Mia told Kevin, and Ben the story of her first encounter. They were shocked, and so frightened.

“How are you still alive after that? I would have been dead if something like that happened to me,” Kevin said, his eyes widened in horror.

“Do you still see them? The spirits I mean?” Ben asked.

Andrew was quite, he was disturbed remembering everything.

“Yes I do… and about our office, I’ve sensed it, but I haven’t seen anything,” Mia said, looking at her brother, who was already looking at her.

“Speaking of the office, if we don’t go now, we are going be late,” Andrew said, standing up from his seat.

“I’m actually sacred to go back there,” Kevin said standing up.

They all made their way out of the café, and headed to the office.

When they reached the building, and started making their way inside, Kevin, and Ben were really horrified.

They sat on their desks, in front of their computers, and started working tirelessly in an attempt to distract their minds. A couple of hours later, Mia was called to meet their Boss.

She went up to his office, and knocked the door.

“Come in,” she heard her boss saying.

As soon as she stepped in, her heart started racing in her chest. She had a feeling she had been familiar with, years ago; the feeling of a third invisible presence. The office was so big, and so cold that it gave her goosebumps. She saw her boss seated on his chair with a bunch of files on his desk.

“Hello Mia, take a seat,” her boss said pointing at the chair in front of him.

Mia sat down, but her eyes kept on roaming all over the office. Suddenly, she noticed a woman’s shadow on the left corner of the room. It was so dark, and her fingers were so long. It looked as if bones in her body were dislocated. Mia looked at her boss in discomfort.

“I want you to work on this project with Andrew. You, guys, have to go to the other side of the city, to collect some information about the sudden death of Chris Scott,” her boss said. Mia had recently heard about the sudden, and unexplained death of Chris Scott.

“But sir, it’s not allowed to go there.”

“I’ve talked to them, they allowed us,” her boss said smiling proudly.

“Okay, I understand.”

“You guys have to leave tonight.”

Before leaving, she looked at the corner where the shadow was, but it was gone. She looked at her boss, and it felt really weird, for a second, she thought it wasn’t her boss.

She got out of his office, and went to her desk with a worried expression.

“Why did he call you?” Andrew asked her.

“He said you, and I have to go out of town. We have to investigate Chris Scott’s death, we are leaving tonight.”

“Why us?” Andrew asked, a bit confused.

“I don’t know, but we should go home now to pack,” she said, shrugging her shoulders.

On the way out of the office they met Kevin, “Where are you guys going?”

“We’ve got a project,” Andrew said, looking pissed off.

“What? Which project?”

“Chris Scott’s case,” Mia said walking to the exit.

“What! I thought the case was closed,” Kevin said surprised, and a bit confused.

“We thought so too,” Andrew replied.

Getting in the car, Mia let Andrew drive, and they made their way to their apartment.

They both moved out their parents’ house when Mia was sixteen. Their parents Rebecca, and Dennis died in a car accident when Mia was eighteen years old. Since then Mia, and Andrew were living together.

As soon as they reached their apartment, they started packing for their trip. As soon as Mia finished packing, she launched herself on her bed, and told Andrew to wake her up in an hour.

Andrew was doing some work on his laptop when he heard Mia screaming.

Andrew ran to her room, “Hey, what happened?” He asked in a worried tone. She looked at him with fear in her eyes.

She hugged him tight, and cried in his arms. She didn’t know why, but she felt like something bad was going to happen.

“I saw the same shadow of the women from the office in our car, she told me ‘don’t turn left’,”

“Hey it’s okay, it’s okay. It’s just a nightmare,” Andrew said, trying to comfort her.

Later that afternoon, they got in their car. Andrew was driving, they both were scared, they both were silent. A couple of hours later, they found themselves driving through a forest, with thick trees everywhere, and a single road. The trees were so tall, and grew so close together that little sunlight reached the ground. It was getting darker, and colder.

Andrew started driving down the road that looked oddly familiar to them. Mia turned the radio on, and the song that was playing brought the haunted memories back to her.




When Andrew was brought home from the hospital, the family was still disturbed about the supernatural incident. So, they decided to go for a vacation. When they were driving, their Mom turned the radio on, a famous song was playing, they all sang along. Suddenly, Mia saw a figure of a woman outside the car window running at the same speed of the car. She turned her head around to Mia, and smiled at her.

Mia was extremely scared when she saw that. The ghost’s face looked as if it was smashed with rocks, her jaw was broken, her legs’ bones were popping out as she ran, she didn’t have eyes nor nose due to the damage on her face, and a black thick liquid was pouring down her entire body. Mia knew she was smiling because the skin around her smashed mouth was stretched to her ears, making her look even more scary.

Mia couldn’t breathe for few seconds, but then she went back to normal, except that her fear never disappeared. Andrew noticed everything going on with Mia.

She couldn’t dare to tell anyone what she saw back then, it was as if something was stopping her from doing so.

Mia saw that woman again when they came back home. But, she stopped appearing to her when her parents got killed in the accident. She thought it was gone forever.




Mia felt uneasy when that memory popped up in her head.  After getting lost in her thoughts for few seconds, her eyes were wide open in shock. She suddenly connected the dots, the same song, the shadow in the office, and the trees.

She wanted to scream, and tell her brother to turn around, and go back home, But, when she looked out the window she found they were deep inside the forest. She looked at Andrew who seemed confused.

“Where are we?” Mia asked her heart pounding.

“I don’t know, I think we are lost,” Andrew muttered.

“What?” Mia screamed, looking at her brother with terror.

“I was following the instructions on the map, but it just kept leading us to the same spot” Andrew said, panicking.

“Oh god what do we do now?”

“Should we try another road?” Andrew suggested.

“Yeah… If that’s the only option”

Andrew took a turn to the left side of the forest, but it was too late for Mia to realize what just happened.

‘Don’t turn left!’ The words she heard when she was asleep.

She looked outside the window, and screamed when she saw the silhouette of the same woman.

“Andrew go, go, go, drive fast.”

Andrew sped down the road, driving fast without even thinking, he knew something was wrong when Mia screamed.

Mia looked again, and saw the women was still there, her heart was beating like a drum. Andrew looked at her, and realized how scared she was.

He looked through the windows, but he didn’t see anything. He was sure someone was there, because his sister wouldn’t just scream like that without a reason. His car was racing in the dark forest, which has no source of light except for the headlights of the car that were keeping them on path.

Mia turned to see if the woman was still there, but she wasn’t. The car suddenly came to a stop. Mia’s head collided with the headboard.

Andrew didn’t get hurt, holding tightly the steering wheel. He looked at Mia who was trying to gain back her consciousness, blood was pouring from her forehead. .

“Are you okay?” Andrew asked in panic.

“Yeah, yeah, just drive. We need to get out of here,” Mia said, holding her head in her hands.

Andrew tried to turn the engine back on, but it wasn’t working. He tried again, and again, but in vain. The headlights were still on, showing them the road in front of them. The forest was silent.

“It’s not turning on,” Andrew said, slamming his hands on the wheel.

“What should we do?” Mia asked. She was getting really afraid, she started crying. When she looked at Andrew, she saw that tears were running down his eyes too. He just looked away when their eyes met.

“I’m sorry, I thought I could be stronger, but…” He said in a voice mixed with sobbing, and fear.

Since their parents passed away, he had always tried to be strong for his sister. After all, they only had each other.

“I’m sorry that this is happening because of me. I’m the cursed one… everywhere I go, there has to be trouble,” Mia cried, running her hand in her hair.

“No, you’re not…” Andrew couldn’t finish his sentence, when they felt the car sinking slowly. It was as if they were in quicksand.

“We should get out of the car quickly,” Andrew said, while Mia was still trying to understand what was going on.

“Mia come on, get out of the car,” he said, shaking her shoulder. She looked at him, and nodded. They managed to get out of the windows right before their car sank into the ground.

They stood in the dark holding each other. Andrew pulled out his phone to call for help, but there was no network coverage.

They felt something walking behind them, and a cold wind hit their skins. They turned around, Andrew turned his phone’s light on, and they saw a woman’s figure walking towards them. Her skin was pale, her face was smashed, the black thick liquid was dripping down all around her, her bones were popped out of her skin that they could hear them cracking louder as she walked.

Without wasting any time, they both started running. Down the road, they saw her chasing them in a very disturbing way.

They didn’t dare to stop. Andrew looked back while running, and saw no one. As soon as he turned around, and before he could see anything in front of him, he bumped into something, and instantly fell down. Mia froze on the ground.

Andrew looked up, and saw the woman in front of him. He was now covered with the black liquid. He screamed loud, but the woman just started at him. Mia took his hand, which made him stand up on his feet, and they started running again. Out of nowhere, they saw a path leading to a cabin in the woods, so they headed in its direction, hoping to get some help.

Mia was running with all her strength. She looked behind for a moment, and her heart dropped when she realized Andrew wasn’t there.

“Andrew!” She screamed with all the breath left in her lungs. Suddenly she heard a blood curdling scream of her brother, echoing around the forest. Her heart was hurting, she wanted her brother so bad, she needed him.

Another scream echoed through the forest. Mia dropped to her knees in tears. That was the most painful feeling she had ever experienced in her entire life.

She heard some noises coming her way. Scared for her life, she stood up, and ran to the cabin. As she opened the door, a heavy cold wind knocked her down. Standing up, she looked inside the cabin. It was unbelievably dark, but she could hear the sound of someone chewing something.

Suddenly the lights turned on. There, in the corner, she saw the woman crouched down on top of her brother, eating his guts.

She looked up at Mia, and started to crawl slowly towards her. Mia screamed, the woman quickened her pace towards Mia, Andrew’s blood was still dripping down her smashed mouth.

Mia dashed out the cabin, and started running towards the woods. She slipped, and fell hard on her face. She groaned in pain as she turned on her back. When she opened her eyes, she saw the most disturbing view she had ever seen; thousands of corpses hanging of the trees.

Those bodies started falling on the ground with loud smashes. Blood flew on her body as one corpse smashed right next to her; it was her brother.

As if that shock was not enough, she felt someone grabbing her hair, and dragging her, Mia screamed. Suddenly Mia was let go, she saw the woman standing in front of the lake. Mia stood up, she looked around, the place was familiar to her. She recognised the house, and the lake, she was back home, that was her parents’ house. In her bedroom’s window was Jake smiling at her.

The woman picked Mia up, and threw her in the lake. Mia’s body went numb, and she couldn’t move a muscle. In fact, she didn’t really try to save herself.

She felt her body sink deeper, and deeper in the lake. She felt paralyzed, and remembered her brother, and her parents for the last time. She was willing to die. She wanted it to be over. Her life was nothing without Andrew. At least, she will be with him on the other side.

I’m coming Andrew she thought, before closing her eyes.



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