How Gratitude Can Give You More?

Do you want more money? More love? More happiness? More success? More life? And much more? Who doesn't?

This book has the formula and the roadmap to achieve that.

This book will help you discover your hidden treasures, it will take you through a journey to unlock all the suppressed capabilities that you have but cannot utilize because you think they are out of your reach.     

This book will tell you what gratitude is and then guide you to use gratitude as an effective tool to get more of whatever that you desire and want. And yes richness is one of them.

This book will show you the path of healing and meditation through coloring mandala patterns that goes hand in hand with your gratitude journey.The book gives you 30 mandala coloring pages that can bring you powers and capabilities that science cannot explain.

This book will also give you a three months gratitude journal as an exercise to help you bring about the transformation you seek.

This book is a roadmap to show you through certain techniques and exercises how you can get more money, more love, more happiness, more success, more life and much more.

Lamees Alhassar