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Lamees Alhassar  is a best selling author

and a distinguished artist

Creativity inspired by emotions, channeled through words

Lamees Alhassar is a prolific writer, artist and humanitarian who has authored a number of books that touch upon the immense potential for all human beings to become tremendous catalysts of change and positivity.

Her writings include different genres - fiction, non-fiction kids’ books etc. The entire range of her books is published and available globally on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Lamees was inspired to write about cancer awareness after the passing of her brother, Ali, who lost his valiant fight against cancer in October 2014. She wrote a book that is distributed for free to cancer patients and their families throughout the Middle East.

She fervently hopes that she will be able to make a positive contribution to the society she lives in—and beyond—through her writings, artwork and considerable charity work. She has committed herself to this, body and soul, and dedicates a substantial amount of her time, resources, and wealth to this noble mission.

Lamees has great belief in the strength that comes from reading, knowledge, the power of the written word and the power of artwork. She believes in the ability of the individual to make a substantial difference in the world. This is why she writes books that touch upon cancer awareness and the empowerment of people to lead a better life (on a personal, career and societal level), ultimately benefiting the whole world.

Some of her notable books include ‘The Power of Gratitude’, ‘Planet Robani 1’, ‘The End of the World’, ‘A Space Adventure to the Green Sun’ and an array of coloring books for adults and children.

Lamees aims to spread her message of positive change, optimism and inner peace through her art. She sells her art internationally through Artfinder and Saatchiart. 

As a believer that each and every individual is capable of making a difference, she uses her art to serve her society through charitable art exhibitions.

Be inspired by some of her work and make sure to include her books in your library collection! You are welcome to explore further and interact with Lamees on:












Director of the Public Debt Management Office                                             April 2021- Current


Key responsibilities:

  • Follow up on the implementation and development of the public debt management strategy, coordinate with the concerned parties, supervise direct communication with investors and provide the latest data and statistics on an ongoing basis.

  • Supervise the implementation of the public debt management strategy through coordination with the concerned parties.

  • Manage the process of updating government debt policies and procedures, which would enhance the Kingdom's public debt policy and ensure the Kingdom's sustainable access to various local and international debt markets at fair pricing.

  • Supervise the follow-up and review of debt policies and procedures followed by government agencies and companies.

  • Manage the process of developing the strategy for public debt management and ensure its compliance with the approved policies and procedures.

  • Direct and manage the coordination process with the concerned parties in the development of the public debt program.

  • Supervise the process of coordinating with local and international investors and holding meetings, whether inside or outside the Kingdom, in a way that contributes to building and strengthening effective relationships with participants in the financial markets.

  • Supervise the implementation and updating of the investor database.

  • Supervise the preparation of reports and statistics and update them periodically for investors.

  • Manage the process of monitoring and developing the media side for investors and marketing for government publications.

  • Supervise the provision and dissemination of information and statistics related to public debt and risks so that they are of high quality and continuously updated for investors in order to enhance transparency.

  • Supervise the preparation of the required reports in accordance with the office's tasks in addition to the requirements of the higher management.

  • Direct the staff of the Public Debt Management Office and evaluate and monitor the workflow of the office to ensure that it is consistent with the plans and priorities set.

  • Supervise the evaluation of the training needs of the employees of the Public Debt Management Office and set training plans in coordination with the organization concerned with training affairs in the Ministry of Finance and National Economy in order to raise efficiency and productivity.

  • Participate and supervise the evaluation of the performance of the Public Debt Management Office's employees and propose recommendations for promotions and incentives, in addition to a request to refer violating employees to disciplinary accountability according to the procedures and regulations followed.

  • Perform the duties assigned by the top management in my field of work.


Director of Privatization and Outsourcing                                                 April 2012- April 2021


Key responsibilities:

  • Select, appoint and supervise external consultants to conduct specialized studies for supporting government performance through adoption of privatization strategy, outsourcing services and restructure services for the concerned Governmental entity through changes when need arises.

  • Carry out projects of privatization, outsourcing and restructure services, taking into account economic domestic and global conditions, as well as circumstances which prevail the sector in which the concerned project is included.

  • Review the documentation, study, commentary and analytical services as well as proposing amendments and improvements on projects of privatization, outsourcing and restructure services which were previously carried out in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

  • Coordinate and provide required support for Government Bodies and Economic Development Board in order to identify, study and apply projects and privatization, outsourcing and restructuring services which have become required to foster the performance of private sector.

  • Select, appoint and supervise external consultants (who are appointed on basis of their experience and reputation in the global market according to the concerned project) to ensure the sound application of project of privatization, outsourcing and restructure services in compliance with international standards and criteria, to encourage global investors and divert their attention to the Kingdom and its ambitious project to eventually ensure the success of these project.

  • Commence and apply projects of privatization, outsourcing and restructure services on the fast track when need arises and on basis of internal and external factors prevailing in the concerned sector.

  • Maintain records, correspondence and all activities of the department with other external bodies and agencies. Commence and establish necessary cooperation with other authorities and establishments to foster close internal links with other government bodies and establishment during the period of applying the project of privatization, outsourcing and restructures services, to avoid any deficiencies or violation or dual works which are unnecessary.


Acting Director of Financial Information Directorate                           March 2010 - April 2012


Key responsibilities:

  • Develop and pursue the implementation of strategies and implementation plans and develop, improve and expand the uses of the Central Financial System ‘CFS’ (oracle) in the Kingdom of Bahrain’s 32 Ministries and Governmental Organizations, to meet the requirements of Financial Management in the Kingdom of Bahrain’s Government.

  • Develop and pursue the implementation of strategies and implementation plans and develop, improve and expand the uses of technological applications of systems and programs in the Ministry of Finance in the areas of finance, economic and administration.

  • Provide the technical infrastructure and the operating environment with appropriate operational reliability and efficiency for the operation of CFS and the operation of technological applications of systems and software application and electronic services in the Ministry of Finance.

  • Coordinate the efforts of employees in the area of operation, maintenance, upgrade, improvement, evaluation, performance and effectiveness of equipment and technical aids, systems and software application; and take the necessary actions to ensure the efficiency of all the technical components of the Ministry of Finance technical environment.

  • Coordinates the efforts of employees in the provision of training, application support, and technical support for users for the CFS in order to achieve optimal use of the system and raise the efficiency and effectiveness of financial performance and accounting in Governments.

  • Supervise the development and implementation of policies, standards and procedures relating to the information security system and the Disaster Recovery system.

  • Provide advice, support and guidance to senior Management in the Ministry with regard to the application of information technology in the areas of finance, economic and administration.

  • Represent the Ministry on committees and task forces on technological application in the Government and coordinates the Directorate’s efforts in communicating with Government Ministries and non-governmental organizations about the information technology in the Ministry.

  • Perform tasks and responsibilities assigned to me by the Ministry Senior Management within the scope of my work.

WI-TRIBE LIMITED                                                                              August 2007 – March 2010

Group Financial Controller


Key responsibilities:

  • Management of the finance department (team of 2 in the holding, team of 4 in Jordan and team of 20 in Pakistan).

  • Planning and monitoring the Group’s annual budgeted expenses and revenues and ensure that they are consistent with the Group’s policies and business plans.

  • Review, approval and timely submission to the Group’s CEO and Chief Financial Officer the monthly/annual financial reports.

  • Review,    approval    and   timely    submission    to   the    company’s    shareholders    the monthly/annual financial reports.

  • Ensure comprehensive financial control system were established and maintained over the Group’s financial resources.

  • Develop and maintain a framework for the preparation, approval and monitoring of business line budgets and financial plans.

  • Provision of financial advice and assistance to senior management as required.

  • Review and assessment of the company’s subsidies performance, monthly management reports and subsidiaries financial transactions relating to payments.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT BOARD                                           October 2005 – January 2007

Finance Manager


Key responsibilities:

  • Planning and monitoring the EDB’s annual budgeted expenses and revenues, to ensure compliance with EDB’s policies and regulatory requirements.

  • Review, approval and timely submission of monthly/annual financial reports to senior management.

  • Ensure comprehensive financial control systems were established and maintained over the EDB’s financial resources.

  • Provision of financial advice and assistance to senior management as required.

BDO Jawad Habib                                                                                 October 2003 – August 2005

Audit Supervisor


Key responsibilities:

  • Managing the audit of the Ministries (Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Ministry of Transport, etc.).

  • Auditing and reviewing all the Arabic related clients and financial statements.

  • Key team member in the preparation of the financial manual of one of the ministries.

  • Key team member in the performance evaluation task conducted for the Pension Fund Commission.

BATELCO                                                                                            December 2001 – April 2003

Manager – Internal Audit

Key responsibilities:

  • Audit all Batelco’s Joint Ventures in Kuwait, Jordan and Egypt.

  • Conduct internal audits across all Batelco’s business areas.

  • Supervise the audit function and resources.

  • Plan and coordinate the execution of audit programs.

KPMG                                                                                                    July 1998 – November 2001

Supervisor - Banking Group

Joined as a trainee auditor and worked as a staff accountant. Based on strong performance reviews promoted to supervisor, substantially ahead of my peers. Key responsibilities in this role included:

  • Working independently and as a team member to complete audit assignments for banking and insurance sector clients.

  • Supervised audit teams and reviewed work to ensure working paper and deliverable quality.

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